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Jan Bidwell, LMSW

Jan Bidwell, LMSW is a licensed clinical Social Worker, an author, front line crisis responder, community activist, and mediation teacher.  She has been working with individuals, families, and groups for decades. Jan was the first social worker embedded in a police department in the state of Michigan when she served in that position from 2019 to 2022 with the Lansing Police Department.


With 7 years of post graduate institute training in Gestalt therapy, Jan’s approach is anchored in witnessing the present moment to help clients see how their emotional habits are interrupting their daily lives.

Jan has over 10,000 hours in meditation and mindfulness training and uses these practices with clients when they are helpful.


Jan is helping develop a peer mentoring program for youth who have interfaced with law enforcement. She is currently a contributing columnist for the New Citizens Press. Jan offers training in resilience and mindfulness, and continues to volunteer in Ingham County.

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East Lansing

Jan Bidwell, LMSW
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