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What is Esoteric Healing?

Esoteric means “hidden, meant to be found.” This is true of the energy field which flows through and around each one of us. This field is not visible to most and yet is very palpable once you are aware of its existence. Have you ever experienced feeling someone standing “too close” to you? The experience of “too close” signifies that even though they are not physically touching you, they are in fact touching your energy field. It is almost as if the energy field is hidden in plain sight, waiting to be found. Once found and studied it can be worked with to help in the restoration of good health. In working with the energy field the “essence” of a person becomes more clear and balanced. By understanding the spiritual principles in application and doing this work, as it is taught in Esoteric Healing courses, one can not only benefit physically but emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

So then, a definition of Esoteric Healing is that Esoteric Healing is the science of healing through the energy field utilizing spiritual healing principles.


Learn more about Esoteric Healing on:

National Association for Esoteric Healing –

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